New Routines in the Time of COVID

Last weekend, I experienced a lot of anxiety. The COVID-19 crisis is scary and things are so uncertain right now. I'm not surprised my anxiety has returned. My anxiety flare-up reminded me that I have to question the narratives that I tell myself. Moving forward I'm going to try and be extra kind to myself.

Based on my commitment to kindness, I made changes to my morning routine. The biggest change involves the news. I’m no longer checking the news upon waking. Instead, I’m waiting until later in the day to read or listen to the news.

Here's what I'm doing in the mornings:

1. I sleep until 6 or 7am, and if I need more sleep I take it.

2. I enjoy a cup of coffee and snuggle with Christie the cat.

3. I write in my "Fuck Yeah Celebration journal." I stole the idea from Nicole Antoinette.

Here's how Nicole described the concept:

... if we are not going to celebrate our own small daily victories, who will? I've been  keeping a little journal of these victories—something I am calling my "Fuck Yeah Celebration Journal"—and at the end of each day I quickly jot down a few things that I am celebrating. It's similar to a gratitude list, only it's more focused on reminding myself that I am enough, that I am doing the best I can, and that there is always something I can feel proud of at the end of the day (even if that thing is teeny tiny itty bitty, like: "Yay! I drank more than zero ounces of water today!" or "I got out of bed! Hooray, me!!")

4. I attend a 9 AM CrossFit Zoom class 3 or 4 days a week because morning workouts ease my anxiety.

5. I don't want to complicate my routine, so my aim is to keep things simple. I do what feels good because that minimizes stress.

100 Days of One Happy Thing

One way I minimize stress is by working on creative projects. A few weeks ago, I wrote about a photo project called One Happy Thing (started by my friend Priti). Thanks to Priti, I decided to start posting more photos on Instagram.

Earlier this week, I realized that I needed guidelines for the project. Otherwise, I won't take photos or share them. This week, I decided to join my friend Cait Flanders and start a 100 Day Project. For the next 100 days, I'll post a photo (new or old) of one happy thing on Instagram.

Follow along here.

Celebrations in the Time of COVID

I'm forging ahead with The Year of Food & Movement. It has helped me cope with all the feelings, and it's something fun to focus on at home. Doing CrossFit workouts via Zoom has helped me stay sane. Plus, I'm making meals from scratch. I listen to fun music while I cook and dance in the kitchen. This week, my favorite eats included basmati rice and celebratory pecan pies.

Last week, The Husband celebrated his 42nd birthday. We couldn't go out, so we had a Zoom birthday party and ate delicious food. I love my husband for many reasons. One is his ability to eat all the things with zero consequences. My homemade pecan pie disappeared in a day, so I made another one.

Good Reads & Resources

Below are a list of resources that are helpful and entertaining:

One Article

+ Develop Resilience to Ease Suffering

One Show

+ Star Trek: Picard

Two Podcasts

+ Love in the Time of COVID

+ Sugar Calling


Thank you for reading my letter. Be safe!

With gratitude,

Tammy Strobel