Office Zen

When The Husband started working from home in March, I gave him my desk and moved my office into the living room. I have a portable standing desk, called The Ready Desk, so it's easy to move on and off of furniture.

When I worked on my creative projects, I put The Ready Desk on top of our dining room table. When I wasn't working, I stored the desk in the corner of the living room. The set-up worked as an interim office solution. However, The Husband will be working from home this summer and in the fall. To be productive, we both wanted to make changes to our respective work set-ups.

Last weekend, The Husband rearranged our office/guest bedroom. Rather than spend money on a new desk, we put The Ready Desk on top of our small bookcase. It’s become my dedicated workstation (pictured above), and I’m happy with it. The Husband is still using my desk and he is content, too. I love our new set-up because we’re able to share the room, and the space feels less cramped.

Working from home during the pandemic has forced us to get creative with our office space. We’re striving for office Zen.

In other news ...

I started The Year of Food & Movement shortly after my birthday in November 2019. I knew it would be a fun project. I didn't realize the pandemic would facilitate a deep dive into my favorite activities: cooking and movement.

Here's what I cooked up in the kitchen last week, and an update on where I'm doing fitness:

Good Eats

+ On Sunday, I made homemade hamburger buns. It was my first attempt at buns, and they tasted good! The buns didn’t rise as much as I expected. And that's because I added 1 teaspoon of yeast to the recipe, rather than 1 tablespoon. Next time, I'll add the appropriate amount of yeast to the recipe, and hopefully my buns will be fluffy.

+ My friend Katie told me about a light and lovely Earl Grey Tea Cake recipe. It pairs perfectly with my morning cup of coffee. Also, I modified the recipe slightly. I didn't have earl grey tea at home, so I used black tea and added honey to the milk.

+ I also had a giant bag of russet potatoes that needed to be cooked, so I made a cheesy potato casserole. I can't find the link to the recipe, but if you search "potato casserole" all kinds of yummy dishes will appear in your browser.

Fun Fitness

+ A few readers asked me if I’m doing CrossFit and Kettlebell Shred concurrently. I’m not doing both programs at the same time. I’m taking a break from CrossFit. I love CrossFit, and the pandemic caused me to reevaluate how and where I do fitness. Right now, home workouts are the best option for me. Plus, I’m learning lots of new movements from Coach Hannah.

Good Reads & Resources

Here's a short list of what I enjoyed this week:

One Podcast

+ Can the Postal Service Survive the Pandemic?

Three Articles

+ I Don't Feel Like Buying Stuff Anymore

+ Inside the Flour Company Supplying America’s Sudden Baking Obsession

+ Love in the Time of Coronavirus

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