On Journals & Joy

Last week, I received a few questions about my journaling practice. In this week's letter, I thought it would be helpful to share journaling resources with you. You'll also find updates about my cooking adventures and a list of resources at the bottom of this letter.

Journaling e-book & Blog Posts

In 2015, I created an online course called Write to Flourish: A Beginner’s Guide to Journaling. After teaching the course for a few years, I turned the class into an e-book. The digital book includes nine lessons on how to start a daily journaling practice. If you want to learn about the quiet power of journaling, this guidebook is for you! You can buy a copy here.

If you’d like to buy the book and can't afford it, please let me know. I will send you a copy for free. A lot of people are out of work because of COVID-19, and I realize every dollar counts.

Also, I have older articles about journaling that are still on my blog. If you're searching for journaling ideas, my book and these blog posts should be a good starting point. Here you go:

+ A Peek Inside My 2018 Logbook

+ My Favorite Creative Tools (The 2018 Edition)

+ How I Use My Journals (The 2018 Edition)

My 2020 Notebooks

A few readers asked me what type of notebook I'm using in 2020. I'm using two:

1. The medium-sized Leuchtturm1917 is perfect for gratitude lists, long journal entries, and more. I use the table of contents in the journal to keep track of ideas. I also highlight key phrases after each entry. These are simple ways for me to reference concepts.

2. The undated Passion Planner is great for scheduling my days and keeping track of my habits. My Passion Planner ends in June, so earlier this week I ordered a Moleskine Daily Diary/Planner. This planner will be my organizational tool and logbook for the rest of 2020 and through December 2021.

Cooking Adventures

+ A few weeks ago, I wrote about my failed attempt to make whipped coffee. My instant coffee arrived and I tried the recipe again! The experiment was somewhat successful. It wasn't as fluffy as this recipe illustrated, but it still tasted good. The flavor reminded me of the instant espressos I consumed in Paris. A vending machine, located near one of our classrooms, made delightful little espressos. I got into the habit of buying one before class.

+ I love making pizza from scratch. I use a simple whole wheat crust recipe that I found in ZERO WASTE HOME. Rolling out the dough is calming. For toppings, I get creative and use what's in the refrigerator. For example, last week, I used tomato paste for the base. Toppings included pepper flakes, mozzarella cheese, onions, garlic, chickpeas, and chicken. If you're looking for simple and easy pizza recipes, check out Minimalist Baker.

Good Reads & Resources

Below are a list of resources that I thought were worth sharing this week:

One Class

+ This week, I enrolled in The Science of Well-Being. The class is taught by Laurie Santos; one of my favorite podcasters. The course is free and available to take online. I'm enjoying it!

Two Podcasts

+ I listened to—Joyful Participation in a World of Sorrows with Pico Iyer—two times! Iyer's voice and wisdom bombs are delightful and grounding.

+ Living the Questions: At home, frustrated, and stressed — is ‘just being’ worthy right now?

Three Books

I really enjoyed (and recommend!) the following books:  

+ Dark August by Katie Tallo

+ Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl

+ Delicious! by Ruth Reichl


Thank you for reading my letter. Be safe!

With gratitude,

Tammy Strobel

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